What if our society is split in two and the world falls into chaos?
When a global pandemic breaks out, humanity is put to the test. Millions of people die and those who remain are divided into 2 camps: the top of society and the bottom, the “subhumans”. In the midst of this chaos, there are people who put their own interests first, but those of someone else. Lucius belongs to the top, but puts his life at risk for the fate of the other.


A production from Zeroseventy & Purple
www.zeroseventy.nl / www.purple.nl

With Lucas Tavernier, Isnelle Da Silveira, Zouhair Mtazi

Writer & Director: Arjen Schotel
Executive Producer: Joost Rueck, Andre Bechtold,
Arjen Schotel, Robin Bruinsma
DOP: Sjors Mosman
Production Design: Robin Bruinsma
Gaffer: Thomas Jeninga
Gaffer: Sean Vogel
Producer: Gijs Schotel
Production Assist: Lieke Claassen
Production Supervisor: Roy Merkelbach
1st AC: Maric Dam
1st AC beach: Milan van Schaik
2nd AC: Daan de Graaff
2nd AC: Dylan Stoel
2nd AC: Lieke Bezemer
Light Assist: Kenneth van Bochove
Light Assist: Lawrence Lee Kalkman
Grip: Rinco Ederveen
Grip: Frederic Lecocq
Geluid: Sander Houwen
Make Up Artist & FX: Bonnie-RaeHulsman
Make Up Assist: Marly van de Wardt
Make Up artist Beach: Lindelotte van de Meer
Production Assist: Mark van der Wees
Production Assist: Willemijn de Vette
Props: Arjan Cabbelut, Thijs Rijkers, Willem Claassen,
Steven van de Staak
VFX: Nick Cremers
Audio Design: Jons Maresch
Editors: Arjen Schotel, Sjors Mosman,
Studio Radijs
Grading: Sjors Mosman

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